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Feeling isolated due to hearing loss?

We can help you get connected with your world.

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West Valley Hearing Center:
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Amit Gosalia, Au.D., Board Certified Doctor of Audiology
Amit Gosalia, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctor of Audiology
Jane Rosner, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology
Jane Rosner, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Miss being able to hear your sweetheart’s whispers? Struggling to hear your boss go over key details on your next project? Let’s face it, by ignoring your hearing loss, you’re missing out.

Life’s precious, and you don’t want to miss a minute of it from something as treatable as hearing loss, especially since you don’t have to. At West Valley Hearing Center we can help you regain control of your life by improving your hearing health. Hear every word of your most intimate conversations clearly, live every note of your next concert. With today’s discreet smart technology hearing aids, there’s no reason not to experience life the way you were meant to.

Discover what’s possible with the latest hearing aid technology. Our mission is to eliminate hearing loss in Woodland Hills, CA through affordable hearing tests, hearing protection, and if you need them, hearing aids. Why struggle to hear when you can be right in the thick of the next poker game, the heat of the next dinner debate, and the light of the next party?

Don’t Settle. Tackle Your Hearing Loss Today.

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2021 Daily News Readers Favorite Choice Best Hearing Aid Company
2021 Daily News Readers Choice Best Audiologist

5 Reasons To Treat Hearing Loss

1. Re-connect to those you love.
What’s the best way to say you care? By listening. Improve your relationships with less misunderstandings. 

2. A sharper mind.
Hearing loss has been linked to loss of cognitive ability and dementia. Thankfully, research shows that treating hearing loss with hearing aids can restore mental acuity. 

3. Higher income.
Research shows that people who struggle with hearing loss tend to make less money. 

4. Better overall health.
Better hearing helps you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. 

5. Higher quality of life.
This requires no explanation. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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Check Out Our Latest Special Offers

We are one of the ONLY audiology offices that offers cognitive screenings! We are currently offering cognitive screenings to our patients for FREE (reg. $55).

Why Struggle With Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent health problems in the world. Unlike other common health conditions like arthritis and heart disease, it can often be treated rather easily, and yet it takes the average person seven years to seek help. Don’t wait. Untreated hearing loss worsens over time. Start today with a hearing test and complete evaluation. It’s even possible that all you need is some earwax removed.

Hearing Aids Ain’t What They Used To Be. They’re Better.

If you’re tired of struggling to hear, come visit West Valley Hearing Center in Woodland Hills, CA, to discover how hearing technology has changed. The latest hearing aids not only amplify sound, they help block out background noise and can adapt to different locations. Our audiologists can help you find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

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